You can’t get a ticket for being a cracker

Dear Murray

How can I erase a speeding ticket from another state without waking up next to a horse’s head? Stupid fucking California DMV won’t let me get a license here until I pay this other stupid fucking state.
-Johnny Knuckles

Just why do ya need a California license is what I wanna know. Unless you’re Black or Mexican, or worse, Blaxican, LAPD ain’t gonna pull your ass over anyway. I mean, really. How many times you seen some car pulled over on the side of the road and you see about four Mexicans spread eagle across the car, with guns fucking pointed at all four of them little old ladies? Shit. I was riding down Sunset Blvd. one night, and I saw the cops pull over these four black dudes. I know they looked all suspicious cruising a nice vehicle like that four door Saturn they was driving. Seriously, that thing had to be paid for by drug money, ’cause I mean, come on. No normal human being’s got that kinda bread lying around. So the cops open their doors and get in position behind their doors and their hands on the guns and yell for all four of ’em to get out and put their hands on the car. You know ol’ Murray. I see this and yell HEY! FUCK THA POLICE! Shit. Sally V. won’t even drive my ass nowhere near Sunset anymore.

So never fear, whitey. Your guvanator’s got your back. Be it driving without a license or bilking people outta millions with your insider trading. The jails are full of the brown people, and they ain’t got time to mess with you.

Now leave me the fuck alone.