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Wanna Do Some Blow?

Dear Murray: After binging on cocaine for 12 days, I experienced some rough heart palpitations. I sent my rent-a-girl home, gave her the rest of the white as a tip, went to bed and got some sleep. Its been two days and I haven’t touched the Bolivian Marching Powder but […]

Middle-Aged Whore-in-Training

Dear Murray: Okay, here’s the story: We’ve been apart on and off for about 4 months now. You probably remember me from a situation that happened here with him a month and a half ago..the whole thing was a bunch of crap and he lied big time about us not […]

Dude even sucks at stalking!

Dear Murray I admit that I have a few mental issues that probably stem from poor childhood nutrition, and rampant adolescent drug use. Needless to say, I’m needy, loney, and haven’t been laid since there was a democrat in office. Since most people cross to the other side of the […]