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Whores, Incorporated

Dear Murray What are your thoughts on prostitution? Should it be legalized or not? It sucks having to go all the way to Tijuana to get some easy ass. -Horny in Hollywood Lemme tell ya, it’s a sad fucking cuntry we live in when you can sell your soul, but […]

Leave that job in STYLE

Dear Murray: Help me out please. I need an idea of how to exact my revenge without getting arrested. Here’s why: I’ve worked at this piece of shit company for a little over a year now. I was hired to do HR work and instead I get to do bullshit […]

The Revolution WILL be Televised

Dear Murray Do you think a second American revolution could ever happen, or are we so docile now that we will allow the government to do as the please at the expense of our freedoms? Where do you stand on the Second Amendment? -considering holing up in Montana Five years […]