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Will Beg for Caviar

Dear Murray; i hate poor snobs. don’t misread me, i give up my seat to old people and if a bum says he just wants money for some booze, i’ll buy him a fo’ty. i am super so nice. but just now, having dinner, i was approached by an aggressive […]

It’s No Fun (Being a Genesis Song)

What are your thought on illegal immigration? I say fuck ’em! If their forefathers were too lazy and stupid to hang on to their real estate that’s not our problem. Plus, look what squalid garbage heap countries most of these people come from. What makes us think our country won’t […]

Like this Page or the Terrorists Win!

Good job, America. You’ve just proven that it’s never too soon for a little opportunism! Saw this shit going around on the Facepage yesterday. “Like this page for 9/11! Woo!” You motherfuckers would sell your own grannie into slavery for a share. I’m sure that seemed like a brilliant marketing […]