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The Fine Art of Grudge Fucking

Dear Murray, In your blog, someone wrote in about having sex with someone unattractive. I don’t understand this point of view. To me, life is too short to want to have anything to spend time with someone you don’t like, let alone get nasty with them. Otherwise, it seems there […]


Dear Murray,I need some advice,er wisdom on how to be a truly better person & not just a simpleton/catatonic/knee-jerk ‘Do-Gooder’!I already have a head start as I do not write ‘poetry’/am not a poet(yippie!) and also ‘offed’ my first (and last) life-coach.I now have a life cheerleader,but ‘she’ is a […]

I put the A in ASSHOLE!

Hey Murray, maybe you can explain this to me.How the fuck can people misspell your name when it’s all over your profile, blogs and even above the message I am typing to you right now! What’s the fucking deal?! Wonders will never cease, and Y KANT TORI READ? Why can’t […]