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Like this Page or the Terrorists Win!

Good job, America. You’ve just proven that it’s never too soon for a little opportunism! Saw this shit going around on the Facepage yesterday. “Like this page for 9/11! Woo!” You motherfuckers would sell your own grannie into slavery for a share. I’m sure that seemed like a brilliant marketing […]

Is the president gay?

Dear Murray Do you think the president is gay? I read the other day that Hitler was supposedly gay, too. Please clarify. -confused in D.C. I fuckin wish he was gay. More funding for the arts, our nation’s colors would change to match the seasons, and Secretary of Defense: Liza […]

Bush, like all other robots, IS evil

Dear Murray: One of the unfortunate things about LA is that everyone’s a fucking “actor”. They walk alike… they talk alike… they’ve assimilated into a single collective genius. So, how does one find a true opinion in this condition? How do you separate the affected from the affectation? It’s become […]