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Thinkin’ about your gash hole

Dear Murray: Being a girl that like girls is really fucking hard because girls really can suck. Well, I got dumped about five months ago but we have remained friends. I haven’t talked to her in about a month. Now, I really miss her but she is pressing for me […]

Dear Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah Palin: Let’s face it. You’re not that hot. It’s all perspective. Sure, in a shotgun to my head game of Fuck, Marry, Kill with you, Libby Dole, and Diane Feinstein, I’d be throwing it in you faster than you could say “Caribou.” Compared to the rest of the […]

Pissdrinking for Profit

Dear Murray: I’m so fed up with my job. The company I work for is the most boring company on the face of the Earth. We make books for real estate appraisers. Real boring shit. Some of the people around here get excited about this shit, and it makes me […]

Larry Sinclair: welfare recipient?

The ridiculous details outlined here, along with the hilarious article in Globe, lead me to believe that this is all just another amatuer Sinclair Swift Boat attempt. Considering how he has failed not one, but two lie detector tests on the claims, and uh, attempted to hit up YouTube users […]