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It’s No Fun (Being a Genesis Song)

What are your thought on illegal immigration? I say fuck ’em! If their forefathers were too lazy and stupid to hang on to their real estate that’s not our problem. Plus, look what squalid garbage heap countries most of these people come from. What makes us think our country won’t […]

CNN: The Change News Network

This media election coverage is pissing me off. It’s bad enough that all the candidates are stealing the buzzword from my campaign for president. “Hey, lady, can you spare some CHANGE?” -Murray, 2003. Now, all anyone can talk about is CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE. What kind of change can some of […]

Health care? Bring on Murraycare!

Dear Murray: Recently I have found myself to be firmly entrenched within a situation involving an insurance company “ the worst kind “ Currently, we have 2 patients experiencing medical needs simultaneously however only one patient is experiencing the Insurance issue. I felt the need to mention the other as […]