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Whores, Incorporated

Dear Murray What are your thoughts on prostitution? Should it be legalized or not? It sucks having to go all the way to Tijuana to get some easy ass. -Horny in Hollywood Lemme tell ya, it’s a sad fucking cuntry we live in when you can sell your soul, but […]

Bush, like all other robots, IS evil

Dear Murray: One of the unfortunate things about LA is that everyone’s a fucking “actor”. They walk alike… they talk alike… they’ve assimilated into a single collective genius. So, how does one find a true opinion in this condition? How do you separate the affected from the affectation? It’s become […]

Too old to rock (I need my sleep)

Dear Murray I’m in a band, and lately I haven’t had any time for anything. I never have enough time to sleep. I’ve been thinking of quitting the band, and I need a diplomatic way to let them know. Carl The truth there, buddy, is your band could really care […]