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The Fine Art of Grudge Fucking

Dear Murray, In your blog, someone wrote in about having sex with someone unattractive. I don’t understand this point of view. To me, life is too short to want to have anything to spend time with someone you don’t like, let alone get nasty with them. Otherwise, it seems there […]

Bitch Stealing Yo’ Man

Dear Murray: You may not remember my story, but I wrote you last year. The guy I was involved with was about to get married in November. After reading your response and the criticizing comments from others, I decided to give you an update. Well, yes he did get married. […]

A Car Tells a Thousand Words

So, being stuck behind millions of you fuckers on the 405, I’ve learned a thing or twenty about your asses. I don’t even have to see your stupid faces anymore. All I’ve gotta do is take a glance at your car, and I’ll know ALL I NEED TO KNOW about […]

A Love Letter to Walmart

Dear Murray: Why the fuck does everyone hate Wal-Mart so much? All it does is employ all the immigrants and hold them down and away from the good jobs? It is puzzling. Oh, I loves me some Wal Marts. That’s what the folks in Indiana call them, ’cause they add […]