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Larry Sinclair is a fucking nut job

The internets has brought us, above all else, the ability for any nutjob with access to a computer the opportunity to spew some shit out into the world. I present the case of Larry Sinclair, who has posted a video on YouTube, claiming that in November, 1999, he met Barack […]

Fuck the PO-lice, become the PO-lice!

Dear Murray: where can i gets me one of them there ass whoopin flashlights like the cops carry?.. haha. don’t they realize they’re on camera? its like people on reality TV shows who *forget* their on camera and start picking their ass or something. -ebony Christ, you just made me […]

The Revolution WILL be Televised

Dear Murray Do you think a second American revolution could ever happen, or are we so docile now that we will allow the government to do as the please at the expense of our freedoms? Where do you stand on the Second Amendment? -considering holing up in Montana Five years […]