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I put the A in ASSHOLE!

Hey Murray, maybe you can explain this to me.How the fuck can people misspell your name when it’s all over your profile, blogs and even above the message I am typing to you right now! What’s the fucking deal?! Wonders will never cease, and Y KANT TORI READ? Why can’t […]


Dear Murray:I have a problem I hope you can help me with. (hehe) I have epilepsy and.. My assfuck doctors keep putting me on medication after medication. It’s fucking with me, physically and emotionally. All these different meds cause shitty side effects. What should I say or do tell them […]


Dear Murray:The new terrorist threat: ladies who ground a flight over something so ignorant Toilet Paper Dust Diverts Vegas-Bound Flight All that time & money wasted to the shitter! The fuel spent on the extra landing/take off. The paychecks of the law enforcement called, investigators, etc. The money spent on […]