Why are Ron Paul supporters working so hard to defame Obama?

Well, this is certainly a popular blog. The ridiculous details outlined here, along with the hilarious article in Globe, lead me to believe that this is all just another amatuer Sinclair Swift Boat attempt. Considering how he has failed not one, but two lie detector tests on the claims, and uh, attempted to hit up YouTube users for cash, the man becomes more and more ridiculous by the minute. Larry is pressing on, of course, with a whole new set of conspiracy theories, but considering the fact that the polygraph was his own challenge, and he failed his own challenge, it’s time to let this rest.

This whole Sinclair thing has made its way around various other right-wing blogs in the blogosphere since the posting of this, and I don’t have the time or interest in tracking them all down. I’m sure there are plenty more Ron Paul supporter and non-Ron Paul supporter blogs posting this story now, since whitehouse.com has offered a $100,000 bounty on the lie detector test.

The point of this blog was to document the web footprint of this story as of the date and time that it was posted. 2008-01-29
12:03:46 am. The results I documented represented all of google’s results at that date and time searching for “larry sinclair”+obama. Every blog that appeared in the results at that time that considered the video credible is linked to here. I’ve excluded blogs like dlisted and other blogs who called Sinclair a “toothless crackhead.” I also excluded message board posts, which are meaningless, since anyone can sign up and post on any message board, though the results did include the Ron Paul forums, and other reliable news sources like the Kumho Tires message board.

I’ve included Cao’s blog here, which was the only blog to register on that google result on that date that wasn’t a self-identified Ron Paul supporter.

Meanwhile, some of the blogs listed below are now beginning to retro-actively withdraw their Ron Paul endorsement as a response to this blog. Why? Because Ron Paul repudiated the 9/11 Truthist kooks, of course. Now that Larry has evidently failed two polygraphs, the question is, were the Ron Paul bloggers who were around at the start of this taken for a ride, too? I suspect so. They were the perfect army to get the ball rolling, then Obama supporters took the bait, and kept it rolling. Then, it blew up to what it became. In the end, it looks like we were all duped into playing along. Though, some of the blogs listed below are now reporting on the results of the polygraph tests with new conspiracy theories involving the credibility of the “expert” who administered it, how it’s more likely for a truthful person to have a false negative, etc. etc. I suppose it will go on forever, so long as people keep playing the game.


By now, many of you have seen the laughable claims of this man:

READ: Toothless crackhead alert!

“Mr. Sinclair” has given zero proof and absolutely few details about his life to support any sort of credibility.

There appears to be substantial proof, however, that this is originating and/or being perpetuated from the Ron Paul support base

What proof? Do you ask?

Folks, I work in the internet biz, too, and I know how this works. You post this on blogs, message boards, spam craigslist with it, submit it to sites like Digg and Mahalo, and eventually, you have thousands of google search results. What is undeniable, though, is that there is a distinct web footprint evident on the spread of this nonsense.

The first blog to report this “story”, and subsequently, a statement from “Larry Sinclair” was the blog http://anndavis.blogspot.com. Ron Paul Supporter.

Subsequently, “Larry Sinclair” appeared on the Jeff Rense show. http://rense.com. A conspiracy theory radio show that lends credence to such stories as “Monica Lewinski was an Israeli Operative, sent to bring down the Clinton White House.” Jeff Rense is a Ron Paul supporter.

The viral nature of the spread of this video, and the subsequent conspiracy theories about mainstream media suppression are trademarks of the extreme Paul supporters, and their “Truthism” cause. See Truthism.com if you have several hours to waste reading complete nonsense, assuming you don’t go blind from the horrific web design.

Note the other blogs in the blogosphere that are lending credibility to these claims:

We Saw That is a Ron Paul supporter.
DailyPaul.com needs no explanation.
The Pirate Bay is a torrent site that appears to have every word Ron Paul has ever said available for download.
RumorMillNews is a Ron Paul supporter.
Know the Lies is a Ron Paul supporter.
Freedom4um is a Ron Paul supporter which links directly to Ron Paul’s Official Site.
St0ckman.blogspot.com is a Ron Paul supporter.
Mrsircy.blogspot.com is a Ron Paul supporter.
Bloh.balder.org which is in Finnish or trekkie or something is a Ron Paul supporter.
Libertypost.org is a Ron Paul supporter.
TheLastDaysBulletin is a Ron Paul supporter.
ThePowerHourNews is a Ron Paul supporter AND fundraiser.
A URL, Gay08.com redirects to the YouTube video. Wisely, the domain was registered with private registration. The first reference to the URL is listed on the GodlikeProductions.com message board by a user named TroyDungeon, who is a Ron Paul supporter:

GodlikeProductions itself is a site full of Ron Paul supporters.

The initial user to post this on Digg, “DeepFriedFetus“, is a Ron Paul supporter.

These are the sites which link to and/or attempt to lend credibility to “Mr. Sinclair’s” ridiculous charges. Every single one of the blogs pushing this video as credible are Ron Paul supporters.

So, I believe the real news story here is: why are Ron Paul’s supporters so invested in this story?

You’re seriously disgracing your candidate. You are, in fact, doing your candidate more harm than good. There are two distinct Ron Paul “campaigns.” There is the official Ron Paul campaign, and there is the Ron Paul internet “campaign.” Go to any city’s Craigslist, and you will be inundated with nonsensical posts that Ron Paul will indeed secure the Republican nomination.

This same Ron Paul unofficial “campaign” has even led trouble to Ron Paul’s doorstep, as this Wired article details. Frankly, this Larry Sinclair nonsense amounts to nothing more than that. Yet another CRIMINAL internet campaign being fueled in mass by Ron Paul supporters.

Now, fuck off.

UPDATE: “Larry” is now directing threats at me for slander lawsuits.

DO NOTE that I am not implicating Ron Paul himself or the Ron Paul campaign in anything. I am simply documenting, through links on these sites, that every site out there that is pressing this issue has identified themselves as Ron Paul supporters. Bring it on, Larry. Bring it on!

UPDATE: Larry states that he will be on the internet radio show “The Right Perspective.” Whether “NewsGuy2005” is Frank or John (note how every hit for “NewsGuy2005” lists the url therightperspective.com in its tagline, mostly announcements of shows) is unclear. What is clear is that NewsGuy2005 is the official spokesperson for the show, and that NewsGuy2005 is a Ron Paul supporter.

Newsguy’s post on a discussion on freerepublic.com:

To: All

Neil Cavuto was totally PWN3D by Dr. Paul when FOX News tried to do a “rope-a-dope” on the Texas Congressman:


Also notice how FOX News brought Dr. Paul on to talk about the effect holiday ads have on the election, then side-swiped him with this question about a lousy $500 donation.

It’s very strange how Dr. Paul barely cracks the two-digits in the polls yet the MainStream Media goes after him with hit pieces like this and the one over at LGF… they must really be scared that Dr. Paul’s message will resonate when the public realizes they don’t have much of a choice between Hitlery/Obumba and the cardboard cutout figure the Republicans will prop up for their nominee.

I absolutely LOVE how Ron Paul handled this obvious hit piece by FOX News… don’t take their lies and deception, Dr. Paul!

125 posted on 12/20/2007 9:58:48 PM PST by NewsGuy2005 (www.therightperspective.com)

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NewsGuy2005’s post on freerepublic.com regarding the Sinclair interview was deleted. Moderator’s note for the thread:


This thread has been pulled.
Pulled on 02/01/2008 2:30:48 PM PST by Admin Moderator, reason:

No thanks to Rense et al.

The Right Perspective has removed the blog posting announcing the show.

Update: Larry “cancelled” the interview last week, after, of course, having to rush to the emergency room or whatever bullshit story he made up, or whatever. Nevermind the fact that he was on YouTube all night.

Anyhow, here is the link to it. Feel free to listen for yourself and see how batshit crazy this fool is. He’s apparently convinced now that David Axelrod and Barack Obama have hired people to make fun of him on YouTube, or whatever. Yes. Anyone who thinks you’re a dipshit, Larry, must be on the payroll. Anyone with half a brain knows you’re a dipshit. I’m on nobody’s fucking payroll. Obviously, you aren’t either.

Anyhow, I wish I could take back the time I wasted listening to that stupid show. On the full show, they began by referring to Obama as “Jungle Boy”. Yeah, real fucking reliable, you mealy-voiced racist kooks! Apparently, they’re skipping right past the Alien conspiracy Ron Paul kooks, and straight to the racist newsletters and radio show Ron Paul kooks. Bravo.

STILL MORE CRAZY UPDATES: Cao insists that he is not a Ron Paul supporter, which somehow would negate the overwhelming Paultard support for this nonsense. I have issued Cao my own Larry Sinclair challenge, and Cao won’t put his money where his mouth is. Just for you, Cao, I’ll clear this up. This is being spread by 99.9% Ron Paul supporters, and one guy with a severe noncommittal mancrush on Ron Paul.

And, even funnier, Larry Sinclair says he filed a civil lawsuit against David Axelrod and the Obama campaign for illegally investigating him and “slandering” him. This, of course is based on some blog and message board posts by some totally random dudes who, uh, signed up for a free account on democrats.org.

  1. larrysinclair0926 Says:
    :shock: I have not ignored any request for facts supporting my claims about obama. I have refused to turn over information to the internet warriors who somehow feel I owe them something. In response to the attempt to call me a liar about the smears on the official DNC site I provide you the following link http://www.democrats.org/page/community/tag/Larry+Sinclair
    I also would like to say that comingawakening is posting videos making claims that he know what day I met Obama, and what day the navy graduation took place only all of his claimed FACTS were totally made up by him and I had to correct him. :oops:

Larry, keep it up. You’re the funniest man on the internets!


The Smoking Gun has a copy of the lawsuit on its site: Slanderous Kook: I’m a Slander Victim. It’s a really small world, because I have family in Duluth. I’ve been to Duluth several times. Larry, you live in the crackhead part of town, in the middle of the broken down old factories and train yards. You’re in more danger from just living there than you are due to this nonsense. Next time I’m going to be in Duluth, let me know what corner you’ll be on, and I’ll drop you some change so you can get yourself an order of tots at Taco John’s.

I do have a serious question, Larry. I googled the address listed on the court papers (and you can knock off your posturing toward the Smoking Gun regarding that. You filed the stupid papers, so they are public record). I matched up the address and my question is why do you live in an “elderly and assisted care facility?”

See here

WTF? You live with your grandma???

HUD papers on the Tower

Page 12.

The towers are Section 236 HUD subsidized low- income housing. Occupancy requirements: Elderly and handicapped.

So, uh, exactly what kind of “handicap” are we talking about here? Anyone care to guess?

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  1. "Constitutionally appropriate" is right wing code for "Anything benefitting wealthy, white, land owners," usually by people who read a few lines of the constitution, and then relied on an Aaron Russo movie for the rest.

    In other eras, Ron Paul was called a hard right wing extremist. In today’s, dumbed down, Gallaghereque world where Larrry the Cable guy is a scholar, he’s a "thinker" and revolutionary. The pauttards scare me more than Larry does.

  2. Vicki Iseman is just a friend of John McCain…his wee-wee friend. The New York Times story just confirms what I thought about McCain all along,that he’s a horny old man. C’mon,don’t he look like a horny old man?
    John(Likes ‘Em Tight And Blonde)McCain
    And by the way,I don’t care how much crack Obama smoked or even how much cum he swallowed. I just want to see a nigger in the WHITE house.

  3. FYI#1: CNN, MSNBC & FOX all know about this, and others. They have researched this story and will not air it because it is libelous, inaccurate, and fraud based on the ranting of a very sick man with a self-admitted mental disorder and self-admitted criminal history where he says, "…I actually revealed some things about myself that could put me away for quite a bit of time…"

    FYI#2: We are finding hints that Larry Sinclair was in a mental hospital during the time he says he was in Illinois. He was suffering from sever psychosis due to schizophrenia.(Maybe drug induced? He’s a self admitted heavy user or was)

    FYI#3: We have found some discrepancies about graduation dates and that there are multiple graduation dates, but none seem to coordinate with Mr. Sinclair’s libelous statements.

    FYI#4: In Larry’s radio Interview he revealed that he has a past that could have him put behind bars. It’s about 2/5 near 1/2 way into the interview, JUST before a break.

    "…I actually revealed some things about myself that could put me away for quite a bit of time…"

    FYI#5: Though RON PAUL did not do this, some of his supporters are really pushing this video in their blogs, chats and postings. Another even attachs posters of this rebuttal…The Ron Paul Fringe is pushing this more than Clinton. A Google search finds more Ron Paul supporters doing this than Clinton. RON PAUL is a Fine man with great intension for this nation, it is misguided followers as well as Clinton’s.

    Here are some posts for others that may sway your opinion. PLEASE RESEARCH for yourself. DON’T Blindly believe ANYTHING you read.

    kujayhawklaw says, "I got really worked up about this. I insulted his methods to the point I got him to call me personally at home. He was friendly, but requested that I start sites against him because controversy helps him sell his message. Nice guy, but a fraud."

    asdffd says, "I just asked this guy on his video if he had ever been convicted of fraud. Soon after he made a post saying he would be busy for a few days and not be able to post for awhile. When I tried to make a follow up comment my comment wasn’t posted- I think he blocked me from posting. I think the truth is going to come out about Larry Sinclair and it ain’t gonna be pretty. The first video he made- it looks like it was made in a hotel room. I wonder if someone put him up to it."

    PoliticalJunk says, "LARRY SINCLAIRE BLOCKED MY SCREEN NAME TO COMMENT ON HIS VIDEO: YOU can check out this website to know the Federal LAWSUIT: It shows his Address with is a HUD FACILITY for ELDERLY and DISABLE PEOPLE (Mentally disable people too!) In a radio interview he even said he had mental problems as a child."

    Larry has accepted $10,000 to take a lie detector test via a tabloid website. He claims his intentions are selfless to expose Obama… They have promised another $90,000 if he passes for it for the exclusive. The price of ruining a man’s life and robbing a nation of a great man, $100,000 and the loss of Larry’s soul and hurting millions.

    NEW:Larry Sinclair lives at 600 W Superior St. #604 Duluth MN 55802. That is what Larry filed in Court which is public record for anyone to see. This is available via a google search, we are not revealing anything not publically available. According to H.U.D. records which are also public, that address is a building with 154 units called Gateway Tower and is a complex for the elderly and disabled; a government subsidized home for the mentally ill and disabled.

  4. Wow. This entire issue makes me embarassed that the people behind this live in my country.

    This is beyond appalling.

    Barack Obama is America’s chance at finally redeeming ourselves. He is the last chance for the people like my mother who’s home is being foreclosed on because of predatory loans. The last chance for my best friend who had to take a semester off of college to work two jobs so she could pay for the next semester. Last chance for our society to no longer take from the poor and give to the rich. He is the last chance for us to change our country’s face from negativity and cynicism, government swindling and foreign relations that sum America up as – in the rest of the world’s point of view – a big fat mess that thinks we’re better than we are – to positivity, caring, an outstretched hand of friendship, a stable economy, a plan. Intelligence. Depth. An understanding of what people’s lives are really like and how to make them better.

    These ignorant assholes. Some backwoods redneck junkie wants to make a buck and get his 15 minutes. At what cost? How many votes will they have lost even though this isn’t true? Why? Because people can’t accept change? They want the same shit to go down in Washington that does nothing but fuck America over, make the rest of the world hate us, and drive our economy into the third world-ism? Is that worth getting your drama fix for the day? Oooooh I want to spread this around because it’s gossip and people will listen and think I’m cool because I know something! Go back to fucking middle school you uneducated excuses for human beings.

    To attempt to deprive our country of the policies of Barack Obama is depriving yourself of the benefits you could reap yourselves if you actually picked up a fucking newspaper in order to form your political values and ideals instead of googling youtube scandals.

    That’s all for now.

    P.S. Thanks for this posting, Dear Murray. Keep up the good work. (btw – I looked at the youtube video’s comments – half of them (half of the negative towards obama comments I mean) were from people with the word "paul" or "ron" in their name. Lets see I remember – virtuallypaul, rpaulsupprter, paul08…thats all I remember but there were more. I had a laugh at that fact.)

  5. I work in digital media and advertising. I first read about this about three weeks ago. The first thing I did was to look to ant MSM that had reported on it.

    To my sirprise there were no reports on this past some online blogs and You Tube.

    So, I made a call to a reporter friend.

    What I was told was that this story was known and had been researched.

    The reason MSM won’t touch this is because it is unfounded and a joke.

    So, I asked why NOTHING had been reported.


    CONTENT… It is all in such poor taste and with out grounds, that any MSM would be looked upon as a joke for going near such a story.

    You can be sure there will be a story on Mr. Sinclair in the near future.

    It should be interesting indeed.

  6. Everyone you may have heard of my blog. My name is ann davis.

    Well, I have something to tell you.

    I am larry sinclair. I have been living a double life and dressing in drag.


    Ann Davis

  7. Hey cao,

    He made himself a "public figure" when he posted his fucking video on YOUTUBE!!!

    What do you think Youtube is?

    And now he that he is a public figure, there is a little thing called "parody", so it actually ISN’T easy for ole’ one tooth Larry to prove slander.

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