The Revolution WILL be Televised

Dear Murray

Do you think a second American revolution could ever happen, or are we so docile now that we will allow the government to do as the please at the expense of our freedoms? Where do you stand on the Second Amendment?
-considering holing up in Montana

Five years ago, I would have told you no. This could never fucking happen. This country is full of right-wing “love it or leave it” fucks (wasn’t this country founded by leaving “it” – “it” being england?) and leftists who only show their face when it’s trendy. NOT ANYMORE BUDDY! Now we have PO-TEN-TIAL! The Revolution’s coming and it WILL be televised!

This fall on FOX! Hold onto your tits, ladies! We stick five angry dissidents in a house with five radical statists of the Reaganite variety! Watch as these 10 people battle week after week for ultimate control of these United States! AND TEN MILLION DOLLARS AND A RECORDING CONTRACT! Who’s it gonna be? Who’s got what it takes to be the last survivor? Will Lucy win over the country with her anarcho-socialist views and her string bikini? Or will Reggie succeed in bringing back slavery? Put your phone on speed-dial! Lock your Tivo in!

I just got so excited I need to go change my pants. Now leave me the fuck alone.

6 Responses to The Revolution WILL be Televised

  1. 99% of your population are convinced that your system is the best and must be forced upon every resource-laden country around the world.

    there will be no revolution

  2. Just remember that every time you point your arrogant finger at something or someone, three are pointing back at you.

  3. all my fingers are pointing directly at you.

    our system is better. deal with it.
    you know i’m right anyway, just cause all the people reading this agree with you, doesn’t mean the rest of the population does.

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