I put the A in ASSHOLE!

Hey Murray, maybe you can explain this to me.How the fuck can people misspell your name when it’s all over your profile, blogs and even above the message I am typing to you right now!

What’s the fucking deal?!

Wonders will never cease, and Y KANT TORI READ? Why can’t anyone read, for that fucking matter?

What I wanna know is why people keep asking me if I’m BILL MURRAY? My first name is Murray, and his last name is Murray, so we MUST be fuckin’ related, RIGHT?

I’m also Madelaine Murray O’Hare, F. Murray Abraham, Senator Ed Murray, Chad Michael Murray, and Murray the motherfucking pedophile clown. I also built all the Murray lawnmowers and all the Murray bikes with my BARE FUCKING HANDS! A MURRAY IS A MURRAY IS A MURRAY IS A MURRAY.


Now leave me the fuck Alone.