Just who the creepin’ hell is Dear Murray?

Dear Murray

Who are you aside from a crusty old bearded smoker with a penchant for flipping the double bird? You magnifacent bastard! Love the profile. Great shit


Murray is gay in San Francisco, black in South Africa… an anarchist in Spain… a Jew in Germany… an artist without a gallery or portfolio. Fuck. That’s Subcommandante Marcos, not Murray. Murray is a white boy who grew up in the ghetto with parents who “aren’t racist, we just don’t believe in MIXIN’.” Murray is tough on the outside, but all soft on the inside. Murray is not in the business of getting kittens out of trees. If you don’t let them find their own way down, they won’t fuckin know what to do next time, either. Murray won’t call you “around 9:00”. Murray will tell you he’ll call you at 9:17 and he’ll fucking do it.

Tell your friends. Now leave me the fuck alone.