Yet another asskisser

Dear Murray

I am a mother of three, recently divorced. I like your frankness in dealing with people. I find myself very drawn and attracted to you. I would like to give you my number so that we can talk. What do you think?
— angela

As you can tell from these blogs, I’m very shy and sensitive. You gotta build up a level of trust with Murray. You got a 48 hour window in which not to bore me. If ya make it past that, and you haven’t gotten one of the rejection lines listed below, then yo’ ass has impressed me. So go ahead. Gimme your number. I promise I won’t post it on my blog or anything like that, no no.

Ya really think Murray would make a good role model for your kids? You’re gonna be expecting me to babysit, and with that many kids, Murray’s game of choice is always a game of “HIDE AND GO SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR 30 MINUTES PLEASE WILL YA? NO MURRAY AIN’T GOT NO STINKIN’ POKEY-MAN.” Else maybe they can take turns grabbin me beers while I read them kids stories by Proudhon. Sound good?

GIMME YOUR DIGITS or leave me the fuck alone.