LA, Chicago, or New York: who are the biggest assholes?

Dear Murray

I want to get out of this small town, and move to a big city. NYC, Chicago, and LA all look good, but I can’t decide. Which do you prefer?
-Born in a Small Town

This is a very simple question. What’s your personality type? Murray did a test with cabbies in each of three cities, and here are the scientific results: (pick the style that fits your own)

Los Angeles:
Murray: Hi.
Cabbie: Hey, Buddy, where you from? What do you do? Can I make any money at it?

Murray: Hi.
Cabbie: Hey, where ya from, what ya do, when ya leaving??

New York
Murray: Hi.
Cabbie: Hey, who da fuck do you think you are?

I hope this is extremely helpful with your life decisions. Now leave me the fuck alone.