When couple friends break up

Dear Murray

Just recently, I have broken up with a long-term boyfriend due to issues we could not work out. However, we became very close with another couple while dating. Since the break up, the couple has been distant and awkward around me, although I never speak about the ex or the breakup. I told them I do not want them in the middle, so I never bring up the subject b’c I respect that they are still friends with him. They had a party, however, I did not attend because the ex was going to be there, and didn’t want to feel uncomfortable or cause drama. So instead of them having to pick, I just bowed out. Since this incident, the guy has been very upset with me. I have never cared much for him, however, he’s very controlling with his girlfriend and fear he will make her break our friendship. What do you suggest I do?
-torn in tinseltown

TELL ME IF I’m reading between the lines here correctly, but… “very close” means partner-swapping, don’t it? Now they cutting you off, ’cause you’re de-partnered and then someone’s gonna get jealous? Um. Are you all like 17 or something? Christ. I’ve slept upstairs at the home of my ex-wife and her new husband, and I really couldn’t give a shit what they were doing. Better him than me, ya know?

So then, if you pick weak friends who do whatever their boyfriend tells them to, then you’re pretty much fucked from the start. Ya know what Murray would tell her? To borrow a line from my favorite comic: Now get the fuck out! Go clean your huz-bins asshole or something!!

Maybe you’re just jealous that you can’t do the same any longer.

Now leave me the fuck alone.