Stalking you, stalking me

Creepin’ christ, you fucking kooks. is a privately-owned blog. If I had corporate backing, do you think my site would look so shitty and be powered by WordPress with a fucking out of the box premade template? Oh, and wordpress is a free install with a godaddy hosting account, dipshits. No domain mapping whatever bullshit necessary. Hell, I managed to get that far in setting this shit up before I had to pay some dude a 12 pack to set my shit up right.

Experience the wonders of the intranets

I’m in cahoots with the mob by now, I’m sure. Next thing you know, I’ll be funneling money over seas or some shit. Or connected to big oil, or some shit. is not a new site. It has been running for over two fucking years now. Interrupted only for a short time when someone forgot to pay the bill. My myspace page has been running for almost four years now. What fucking business runs on myspace two years before launching a web site? That’s four fucking years without a dime of profit (hint: pay me, bitches). Not that I won’t sell out, given the opportunity. (Contact me about getting your corporate logo right on my middle finger.)

There’s a whole bunch of motherfuckers with Admin access to this fucking site, and none of them are Jews. Maybe if I knew some Jews, I’d be turning a profit on this shit by now, eh?

Now leave me the fuck alone.

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