Love your fellow man, love his hair lip

Dear Murray

I have a problem that I really need some clarity on. I’m dating this man, and it’s becoming pretty serious. My dilemma is that he is not that good looking to me. I am used to dating nice looking men and although I love him dearly I can’t get over this natural issue. I want to because I’m ready to move forward but if I’m honest with myself, there isn’t a day that goes by where this does not concern me. Please help.

HOw the motherfuck do you get this far? Did you dance on fucking eggshells hoping not to offend this fucker’s sensitive feelings about his giant rabbit teeth and his hairlip? WHAT THE FUCK? Everyone tries to be so fucking nice, but there’s a point where being nice is being shitty. JUST TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH. “Hey listen, buddy, I would date you if you lost 75 lbs.” “I would date you if you got that mole removed on your bottom lip”. FUCK. It’s just honesty. I LOVE HONESTY.

You’d be amazed how much less this hurts than 2 years from now when you’re married and sneaking off banging some non-hairlip dude.

Now leave me the fuck alone.