Larry Sinclair: welfare recipient?

The ridiculous details outlined here, along with the hilarious article in Globe, lead me to believe that this is all just another amatuer Sinclair Swift Boat attempt. Considering how he has failed not one, but two lie detector tests on the claims, and uh, attempted to hit up YouTube users for cash, the man becomes more and more ridiculous by the minute. Larry is pressing on, of course, with a whole new set of conspiracy theories, but considering the fact that the polygraph was his own challenge, and he failed his own challenge, it’s time to let this rest.

The man who claims to have done all sorts of things with Senator Barack Obama in the back of a limo in 1999 in Chicago, after meeting him in, of course, an “upscale lounge”, and taking him back to his hotel (the $50 a night Comfort Inn and Suites), has now filed a “civil rights” case against Barack Obama, David Axelrod, and the DNC, based on, what he calls “attempts to slander and intimidate” him.

Based on what, you ask?

Let’s hear it from Larry as stated on

larrysinclair0926 Says:
February 10th, 2008 at 3:20 am

I have not ignored any request for facts supporting my claims about obama. I have refused to turn over information to the internet warriors who somehow feel I owe them something. In response to the attempt to call me a liar about the smears on the official DNC site I provide you the following link
I also would like to say that comingawakening is posting videos making claims that he know what day I met Obama, and what day the navy graduation took place only all of his claimed FACTS were totally made up by him and I had to correct him.

So, uh, just to get this straight, random dude who posted a blog and message board post (that anyone can sign up for) is David Axelrod in disguise? So, who am I, Larry? Michelle Obama?

It gets better, though. As it turns out, the address listed on the court filings is for an “elderly assisted care” facility in Duluth, MN.

A section 236 HUD housing complex for the elderly and handicapped.

See p. 12 of the HUD report for Minnesota housing:

Gateway Tower
Units: 154
Occupancy Eligibility: Elderly and Handicapped

Larry’s own words:

What is Section 236?

Section 236 Program


HUD subsidizes the interest payments on mortgages for rental or cooperative housing owned by private nonprofit or limited-profit landlords and rented to low-income tenants.


Section 236 of the National Housing Act, 12 U.S.C.A. § 1715z-1

Sorry, Larry. You’ll have to excuse us if we don’t find your claims credible. You claim to have been a high-rolling drug dealer, raking in tons of cash, and the only thing that has been proven is that you live in welfare housing.

In response to the question: You said you had “bank statements bigger than most of us make in our lifetimes,” Larry said:

So, then, it’s your classic case of millionaire drug-dealer-riches-to-rags story. Didn’t Dickens write that?

This doesn’t help your claim that you’re “not after money” in the least bit, particularly considering that you jumped all over’s $100,000 offer to give you a lie detector test.

Larry isn’t happy that this information is now public, and as a result, he’s accusing me of calling him and placing death threats. As well as accusing me of being every single YouTube user who doesn’t believe him (which is most of them).

I have not called your ass, and I will not call your ass! No matter how much you beg! I’m perfectly satisfied with making fun of your ass online. No need to listen to your gibberish on the phone.

The latest, and most hilarious claim to date, is that Sinclair’s statements have been “proven” through the use of what they’re calling “Reverse Speech Analysis.” That’s right, folks! BACKMASKING! The very same technology that was used to play rock albums backwards to reveal their hidden Satanic agendas! Remember when Electric Light Orchestra was exposed for recruiting legions of youths into the army of Satan? Same thing, folks. The government is mind controlling us by subliminal backwards messages in their speeches!

I’ve gotta give it to you guys. Every time I think you’ve hit the absolute KOOK ceiling, you raise the bar!

Larry is threatening to sue me. He’s pissed at me for saying he’s on welfare. Mr. Sinclair, you are going around telling everyone that you are on DISABILITY. WHAT in the bloody hell do you think disability is? A WELFARE program!

Larry is now blabbering on that I have been trying to sell this story to tabloids. Larry, the tabloids aren’t any more interested in the “Larry Sinclair is on welfare” story, any more than they are interested in your other stories. So, just for good measure, I have offered to donate any funds received from this story to CHARITY. I will even let Larry pick the charity (so long as it matches up to a real charity).

Larry refused to accept my challenge to him to donate 100% of all funds paid to him by to charity in the following comments that you can find reading through here:

So, Larry. It’s time for a confession. You ARE in it for the money!

More disinformation, folks: Larry’s army has been all excited about someone in the mainstream media “finally” picking this story up: The Cleveland Leader. HOORAY. The “oppression” is over! Or, is it?

According to Wikipedia, “The Cleveland Leader” merged with the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 1917. The Cleveland Leader was once a mighty paper, in the 1800s. But there is no “Cleveland Leader” listed in this list of Ohio newspapers.

The WHOIS for reveals that it was only registered a year and a half ago, and the registration is private:

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 17-Jun-06
Expires on: 17-Jun-08
Last Updated on: 05-Jul-07

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration

Not to mention, the site appears to have but two reporters: “Julie” and “ Sorry kids, but it looks like the MSM conspiracy continues! And the folks blowing that site up for reporting this without proof, settle your asses down! It’s not a real paper. It’s JUST A BLOG.

Seriously, people, each new twist and turn just further makes it look more and more like a giant internet hoax. Of course the media won’t report it, because they’d be target #1 of such a hoax..

39 Responses to Larry Sinclair: welfare recipient?

  1. The burden of proof is on Larry he is the ACCUSER!!

    Also, anyone can file a lawsuit, filing a lawsuit does nothing to support his accusation.

    Every year there are thousands of frivilous lawsuits disimissed, this will most certainly be one of them.

    One more thing, if you look through the lawsuit on thesmokinggun you will see that larry is his OWN ATTORNEY….you know what they say, "A man who represents himself has a fool for an attorney".

    I would guess this will be dismissed within 1-3 months and it will be relegated to the trashbin.

    Just my $.02

  2. I can’t believe what these kooks keep coming up with……reverse speach analysis…..WHAT THE FUCK???????

    These people are nutjobs!!!!

    It’s hard to believe that people are this gullibel/crazy!!

    This Sinclair character is a toothless, crack smoking, kook!!


  3. By the way, I am glad that you are covering this story and sheding some truth on all this. With the multitude of crazy, conservative, conspiracy blogs out there touting this larry character as legit, it is comforting to know that there are some people who can see through all this nonsense.


  4. hi my name is larry sinclair I am an ugly, crazy, toothless crackhead who is obsessed with Barack Obama. I am making this video and putting it on Youtube to let the world know the truth. I am delusional and am trying to get attention. I performed oral sex on Dick Cheney and George Bush, while Ron Paul sat by watching and masturbating. Durring all this Pat Buchanan was tossing Ron Paul’s salad. This information needs to be told.
    I am challenging Ron Paul to take a polygraph test which I will submit to as well. Ron Paul has done greatly to prevent this.

    Thank you


    Just because he filed a lawsuit doesn’t mean squat!

    If this acusation was on me I wouldn’t dignify it with an answer.


  6. Yeah, and anyone can file a paper in federal court for free publicity. That doesn’t mean that he’s even filed a SUIT. What he has filed is essentially a federal question. I have spoken with a federal trial attorney, and he read the papers and laughed and laughed and laughed.

    It will be tossed out of court within 20 days or so. Guarantee it.

  7. The real question: Who the hell is behind this insanity? Whatever twisted mind concocted this story probably borrowed heavily from their own experiences. My bet is that this guy IS NOT a lone gunman… or should I say a lone cockman. Politics is dirtier than a reused tampon.

  8. Dear Murray– Disability benefits are NOT welfare (unless he is getting SSI Disability)! Social Security Disability is NOT SSI (the two programs are different)! Get your facts straight before you jump from Disability to Welfare! Sinclair appears to be a crackpot– but you have made a potentially false accusation in your shrill attempts to defend yourself (which may have been totally unnecessary considering what you’re up against). Next time– do the research!

  9. SSI asside, he is living in a public housing building, for the disabled and mentally ill….AND THAT IS WELFARE.

  10. hi my name is larry sinclair I am an ugly, crazy, toothless crackhead who is obsessed with Barack Obama. I am making this video and putting it on Youtube to let the world know the truth. I am delusional and am trying to get attention. I performed oral sex on Dick Cheney and George Bush, while Ron Paul sat by watching and masturbating. Durring all this Pat Buchanan was tossing Ron Paul’s salad. This information needs to be told.
    I am challenging Ron Paul to take a polygraph test which I will submit to as well. Ron Paul has done greatly to prevent this.

    Thank you

  11. Whether or not Larry is on welfare has nothing to do with the alledged incident (drugs and sex) that occured in 1999. This blog is just a sleazy attack to discredit someone who has come forward courageously to tell their truth. Lets wait until the polygraph test results are available next week. Lets also encourage Obama to come forward and speak on the incident. Obama also need to submit to a drug test and DNA test.

  12. Add it up. Bunch of totally whacked out details about the dude. Every single new piece of “information” puts the whole thing that much more out there.

    The address doesn’t check back for a Larry Sinclair. The old dude who lives there is probably getting really tired of people knocking on his door.

  13. It seems easy to debunk this, Mr.Obama just simply releases a statement saying he has never met, done drugs with or engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Sinclair.
    The story ends there, I know Mr.Obama shouldnt have to respond to false accusations but if someone accused me of these things I would simply say they are false and threaten to sue, ignoring this situation can only put doubt in voters minds.

  14. I have been talking to some online pals of mine about this today and I also listened to this Larry Sinclair man claim (on a live radio show) that he "isn’t hurting for money". I am sorry but the mere thought that (as he said) he only wanted to tell the story to protect and enlighten young voters has been debunked by the following:

    1. He said he would release old and new photos of himself to the press ONLY FOR A FEE. Strike 1.

    2. He answered the call of for $10,000 to get into more about the story. Strike 2.

    3. He continued to talk to spreading this filth when they upped the payout to $100,000. Strike 3

    Now, for someone who doesn’t need the money…he sure seems willing to take money for this wild tale he has come up with.

    It’s kind of sad. The man is already physically disabled and clearly that may be the same case for his mental state.

    They say Obama has reached rock star status and this confirms it…he has his first official obsessed stalker.

    Good luck with that…I hope you voted/will vote for Obama because he wants to put more money in the pockets of people like you. SMDH

  15. You have to be a Hillary campaign person…..this man is a liar. It’s quite clear. If what he claims is true, we should have heard from the limo driver, his god son that he was supposed to be visiting in Ill. at the time as well as the club owner…oh yeah he claims he can’t remember the name of the club where he supposedly met Obama. How convenient. WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!

    It’s so funny that these charges are surfacing NOW right before the Ohio/Tx primary, where Hillary’s political throat may be cut, as Obama is targeted and this bs story is circulating again after being around the net for months.

    So transparent.

  16. I can tell you exactly why this crackhead Larry guy is acting as his own attorney ——– because he could not find an attorney who would represent the case. Attorneys don’t take cases that are only going to cost them money. Many years ago I thought I had a lawsuit but no attorney would take it on. They were right, but at the time I thought I knew it all.

  17. 1. Larry Sinclair is the result of the growing trend of states to close their mental hospitals and throw these wretched things out on the street. They are provided housing and a small stipend and free meds to keep them out of our hair. Somehow this tormented soul got ahold of some expensive computer equipment and an internet connection. (You can be crazier than a shithouse rat and still be able to log on. Notice however his several efforts to post sequels. The meds do get in the way.)

    2. Larry Sinclair is the result of a robust free speech system in this county, and God bless us all for that. And let God bless YouTube, MySpace (Tom notwithstanding) and Al Gore for inventing babble in the town square, i.e. the "information highway".

    3. Barack Obama’s momentous surge in the polls and attendant votes are the result of nobody paying the slightest attention to the crap on the internet. In other words, the Fourth Estate (the legitimate mainstream press) is still the source of almost everyone’s information. And God bless us all for that.

    4. The ease with which an individual may make scratchings on paper and file it at the clerk’s window of a federal court is a result of our American government’s desire to convince us we have easy legal recourse for a variety of ills worked upon us, real or imagined. (Lest we employ self-help by kicking the shit out of our trespassers) While we’re at it, let’s thank God for supplying the magistrate clerks of these courts with a shredding machine and a large flush toilet and the will to do the right thing.

    Thank you and God bless. Murray too.

  18. What a compelling argument for being called out on manipulating facts, Murray.

    You’re a dipshit. Manipulate that fact, loser.

  19. Larry Sinclair is a fraud, a smear tactic. The guy can go back to his housing facility. I bet you the judge is going to throw this out… you know why, lie detectors don’t count as evidence, because you can beat the test, just search online and you will find ways. In order to build a case you need hard factual evidence. Good luck next time to the Ron Paul supporters. If the Hillary camp is behind it, well that’s just pathetic.

  20. haha. manipulating facts is what you’re calling it now?

    like, uh, a link to an official HUD document pointing out that the building is officially classified as a HUD welfare building?


  21. Wow the USA is in dire need of a better health-care system!!!! OMG call Michael Moore, Larry could be the poster boy for SickO II !!!!

  22. Yes I do agree and it is official. Since Obama has reached Rock Star Status, this is when the freaks come out. It is official. Obama has his first stalker. It is a shame that this country does not take care of the mentally ill. Even the many homeless people we have here in New York City, are mentally ill people. This guy Larry is mentally ill and needs help. He is actually calling out for help right now. Somebody needs to save this guy from himself. It is quite evident that he is a sick individual and is obsessed with Obama. Very sad……This lie is all over the internet. And you will have some people who will actually believe this story. Larry get help!

  23. Larry Sinclair had sex with my dog in Homewood Illinois.

    I caught him out back riding my Springer Spaniel like she was a Nevada Whore.

    When asked why he would violate my dog so, he replied he just needed some ass and this is all he could find.

    He had a small wee wee and my dog did’nt even notice he was there, so I just kicked his ass and sent him on his way.

    The guy is a joke, with a small wee wee and he needs help.

    All crack heads need help. Let’s help poor Larry and get him on the right path.


  24. The very scary part is that Larry has a cult following, who consider this smut campaign as ground breaking "NEWS" This is amazing at the same time VERY VERY sad.

  25. WELFARE, Once again, where do you go when you are a uptown guy and want to score drugs or have sex with a man or a woman? Let the man take the lie detector test and Obama should to, especially since he admitted he used cocaine. LETS SEE WHO’S TELLING THE TRUTH. Or, are you so afraid that Obama just might not be telling the truth. The great unitor just could be uniting with the same sex. We don’t really Know. Do we?

  26. Hey Larry. I wish you the best. If you have a story to tell that the American people need to know then do the right thing. I think you have a lot of class. I do not doubt the crack thing still exists with Obama. Why so doubtful folks? There are reports all over the internet about G.W., Clinton’s brother in law, and McCain’s wife being users – even prior arrests. Maybe the whole group up there needs to have a drug treatment convention (at taxpayer expense of course). I know people who have been in treatment numerous times and still can’t kick the habit. I hear of attorneys and other business professionals stirring it into their coffee, so they become high energy "super heros." You can fool some of the people some of the time – but you can’t fool them all right?

    It’s about time the public wakes up to smell the "cocaine" free coffee.

    Like I said, you have class and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  27. Wow! What a great way to make a fast 10 thou! I haven’t read any threats or slanderous comments that are attributed to the DNC or anyone connected to Obama, however, I just found out about this video. (Without positive i.d. there wouldn’t really be any grounds for a lawsuit.) His reasoning for bringing this up now just doesn’t cut it. (Was it protecting the kids from lies or something…?) What, it’s okay for a senator but not a president? Just my opinion, but I don’t believe ANY comment or statement should have to be made by Obama. What for? This guy is nobody. Let Sinclair just play out his fantasy fame game on the internet blogs until it fizzles out. One redeeming outcome: No one else making up incredible shit like this will ever get a dime. After he gets the 10, it’s over. Hey, I wonder if he’ll end up having to spend it on his own slander defense. (Maybe he’ll get slapped with a class action by all those "kids" he was trying to protect.)

  28. GoForIt,
    No disrespect, but even if you’re on the fence regarding the drug issue, come on, sex with Larry???? Geez, I can’t even think of anything more repulsive. YILLLKKKK!!!!! Obama, (besides being a senator) could have done WAY better if he would have been so inclined! Your thoughts?

  29. Nicky,

    Don’t you think if Sinclair was going into an upscale club he would have groomed himself for the scene? Would the story be any different if he was wearing a suit and tie when he made his video? He just looks like an ordinary guy that you see walking down the street [any day U.S.A.]. Kind of like when Britney Spears is caught au’ natural.:

    Like he says in his interview, the issue is the "drugs." I agree.

    But I would not mind seeing the pictures of the people who are ragging on Larry about appearance.

  30. By the way, he’s donating the ten spot to charity. It’s too bad that people are so gullible about other people who are in high profile positions. Bottom line is that hard drugs do not have a place in the political arena. What kind of example is that for everyone; man, woman or child. No, I do not want to have a President that is known to be involved in the use of cocaine. I’ve known crack users – you can’t trust them for ANYTHING. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it means making victims of their own family and friends.

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  32. So you are saying that you talked to an attorney who probably charges by the hour $250 – $500 to show him these papers? Wow this most be important to you for you to spend this much money. Or is this just some friend that you go to Lunch with and he gives you legal advice for free?

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