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Dear Murray: My friend has decided to try to set me up with her upstairs neighbor, she’s one of three suites in a house. The guy upstairs has just had an accident at work and broke both his wrists, poor guy!! ha ha She I guess has been talking to his roommate and they both..

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Dear Murray: where can i gets me one of them there ass whoopin flashlights like the cops carry?.. haha. don’t they realize they’re on camera? its like people on reality TV shows who *forget* their on camera and start picking their ass or something. -ebony Christ, you just made me regress a few years. First..

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Dear Murray, A couple of months ago I broke rule #1: I fucked a guy from work. Hey, I was working overtime which limited my social circles. I was honest from the get-go, saying, “Look this is just sex. Nothing less, nothing more. I’m 31 years old and the whole world WILL suffer if I..

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Dear Murray I admit that I have a few mental issues that probably stem from poor childhood nutrition, and rampant adolescent drug use. Needless to say, I’m needy, loney, and haven’t been laid since there was a democrat in office. Since most people cross to the other side of the street when I’m in public..

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This media election coverage is pissing me off. It’s bad enough that all the candidates are stealing the buzzword from my campaign for president. “Hey, lady, can you spare some CHANGE?” -Murray, 2003. Now, all anyone can talk about is CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE. What kind of change can some of these people possibly offer? Hillary’s..