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Do nice guys really finish last?

Dear Murray, Do nice guys really finish last? I already know the answer, because I am a nice guy, but I think it would be entertaining and informative to hear your point of view. Thanks. Well, this just may be the most redundant question ever. Why do nice guys finish […]

Leave that job in STYLE

Dear Murray: Help me out please. I need an idea of how to exact my revenge without getting arrested. Here’s why: I’ve worked at this piece of shit company for a little over a year now. I was hired to do HR work and instead I get to do bullshit […]


Dear Murray,I need some advice,er wisdom on how to be a truly better person & not just a simpleton/catatonic/knee-jerk ‘Do-Gooder’!I already have a head start as I do not write ‘poetry’/am not a poet(yippie!) and also ‘offed’ my first (and last) life-coach.I now have a life cheerleader,but ‘she’ is a […]


Dear Murray i have a problem with a stalker. he’s been stalking me for 2 months now but then he stopped all of the sudden. it really bothers me. do you think i am too fat? -cindy You know the thing about stalkers? You never feel lonely when you got […]