Pubic Topiaries are the Fashion of the Future!

Dear Murray

Do guys prefer hair “down there” to be completely shaved or do they like a landing strip? Do men these days even like big 70’s bush anymore? By the way…are you circumsized? Inquiring minds wanna know.
Kansas City, Ks.

Well, obviously, you’re on the Kansas side of the river, considering you gotta be ASKING this question. They trim that shit in MIZZOU!

Personally, I can’t think of any vaginal coifs that I’d go running from. No, wait. I just did. If you’ve cut that shit into a rat-tail vag mullet, keep it da fuck away from me! Gagged on one of those mothafuckas before! Never again!

Seriously, though, do whatever the fuck makes you feel good. Some women feel all dirty if they got a big fuckin’ topiary down there. If you’re dating a dude who refuses to go down there just ’cause there’s a little more hair than usual, then he oughtta consider being gay, ’cause he sure the fuck doesn’t like vagina ENOUGH. Shit.

Oh, and shit. Do you think it would even be possible for someone to harbor as much anger as me and not have been circumcized? Christ.

 Now leave me the fuck alone.