Like this Page or the Terrorists Win!

Good job, America. You’ve just proven that it’s never too soon for a little opportunism!

Saw this shit going around on the Facepage yesterday. “Like this page for 9/11! Woo!” You motherfuckers would sell your own grannie into slavery for a share.

I’m sure that seemed like a brilliant marketing ploy. “Who doesn’t like 9/11? I mean, come on.” Instead, you come across looking like a complete and total fuckwit, and I hope your shitty business gets filled with hantavirus.

Soon, you’ll be having your 9/11 sales. Call now and get a large pizza for only NINE DOLLARS AND ELEVEN CENTS!

What next? HELP US GET TO SIX MILLION LIKES, for all the Jews killed in the holocaust! ANNE FRANK LIKES THIS NAIL SALON.

If you posted that shit, I’m coming to your business and shitting on your floor.

Now leave me the fuck alone.