See the World’s Stupidest Car: the Clown Shoe

What recession? How can we complain about the economy when some asshole still has the time and money to make crap like this in their garage? Yes, that’s a real genuine homemade “Ronald McDonald” clown shoe car, captured on the streets of Portland, Oregon. Parents, don’t let your kids near that shit. It’s a trap! This shit is a real clown pussy magnet. Fuckin’ hippies.

Which Domestic Violence Movie are YOU?

Dear Murray, My fiance’ was in an abusive marriage before I met her. Her ex-husband is like the King of Douches. How can I deal with this problem without involving police, or at least becoming a suspect? Overprotective in Wisconsin Haha. Sucks to be you! Here, you thought you were just settling in for some easy regular action. Now, you’ve gone and gotten yourself in the plot of a Lifetime …continue…